Quality Policy

The company TUNISIE MARITIME ensures to maintain, at all times, relationships of trust with its customers, and continuously monitors and improves all aspects of its business by meeting their requirements and expectations.

All means are put by the company for success and development, such as the implementation of new personalized software program, upgrades of professional standards. In this context, TUNISIE MARITIME has set up a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 v 2015 standard.

Objectives have been set, the results of which are evaluated periodically and during management reviews.

These objectives are:

Customer Satisfaction Through:

The conformity of our services in relation to their requirements, to the legislation as well as to the regulations in force.

The company’s development through:

On the one hand, the increase in turnover and the development of the customer portfolio.

And on the other hand, the standardization of production processes and the organization of the work process.

Staff satisfaction through:

Continuous monitoring of skills improvement through appropriate training and awareness raising, and its in-depth involvement.

Partner satisfaction through:

Productivity improvement resulting from the continuous improvement of various processes.

Improving the competitiveness of TUNISIE MARITIME at all levels.

The development of activities and the improvement of profitability.

These objectives are deployed to all processes using the assigned performance indicators.

As a President of this Company, I commit myself to this effect:

To ensure that our staff comply with all the guidelines of our QMS and to ensure internal communication and effective awareness-raising.

To dedicate necessary means to accomplish successfully this mission and ensure the conformity of our services. To periodically monitor the operation and efficiency of our QMS through the internal audit reports communicated by the Management Representative.

That being so, management reviews are an effective way to review our Quality Policy, if necessary, and consider efficiency, operation and performance of our QMS’ results and decide the appropriate actions.